Welcome Center

Welcome to Hope Eternal Church!

Our history over the recent years has included merger of three churches.  We are still in the growing stages of our ministries, but we are united as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

We gather together as one family, coming together at different levels of growth on our spiritual relationship with our Creator.   We are not perfect, in fact we are a house full of sinners.  But our relationship and faith in Jesus Christ continues to strengthen our souls, and washes away our sins – for Jesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation on the cross.

Whether you are just coming to recognize the Lord in your life, or you are more of a “distant relative” in your relationship, or you accepted Jesus in your heart as a child…we promise to love and accept you wherever you are in life.  We are here…find eternal hope through Jesus Christ!

In His Service,

Therese “TC” Finney, Pastor

What To Expect on Sundays

Sunday mornings start with a greeting at the door and a copy of the weekly discipleship bulletin.  As Hope Eternal members we agree to support our community of faith through our prayers, presences, gifts, service and witness.  The discipleship bulletin offers a variety of ways in which we can live into this call to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

The discipleship bulletin provides information about our local partnership in mission and ministry, and how we can help our neighbors help each other.  Within the discipleship bulletin you will find ways to be in the Word and in prayer with your Hope Eternal family throughout the week.  Important upcoming events will also be highlighted, as well as the scriptures for Sunday.

Worship celebration begins at 8:30 a.m. This worship time is a bit more traditional with some of your old favorite hymns. Hymnals are available but we utilize the big screen in the front of the worship area to provide responsive texts, including hymn lyrics.  The 8:30 a.m. worship is also available through Facebook LIVE.

Christian education classes begin around 9:30am. There are several to choose from!

The contemporary worship celebration time begins at 10:30 a.m. This worship is full of singing to today’s Christian rock & roll music and today’s Christian country music.

For both worship celebrations the dress is more a come as you are…jeans and t-shirts are mainly what you will find at both services. Although, you might spot a dress or suit in the mix too!  (Note:  Our parking lot is flat and long, with handicap parking spaces to the left of the building/door.  The building is one floor.)